Heavy Horse Supplies

Services Offered

Tuition in driving & showing

Breaking & Schooling

Stable design, supply and erection

Conversion of existing buildings

Show preparation

Horse drawn vehicles can be sourced, supplied or manufactured

Seminars and Musical Drives arranged

We can supply what you need

Give Ron or Tom a call, we will be only too pleased to help you achieve your heavy horse aims

Ron 07881 508508
Tom 07889 060495

Everything for the Heavy Horse Enthusiast

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5 from John Aderson's team, all sourced by Ron

Budweiser Style Harness

We have a large selection of harness

Tom or Ron will be only too pleased to help you decide what you need for your own special requirements, be it showing inhand or driving for fun or in competition. 
They also give an after sales service to help with any problems that may arise in your preparation to achieve your goals.

Stainless Steel Slider

Bits, Chains, Snaps and much more

We also have a large selection of hardware and we make Stainless Steel parts for vehicles, for example, steps and sliders.


Show Preparation, Decorations, Soaps and Oils

We also make Mane and Tail Decorations to custom requirements. Any colour or colours to suit.

Hoggs Footwear

Hoggs Footwear, Jackets, Trousers and Workwear

Chose from our selection from this quality manufacturer of outdoor clothing and footwear.

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